Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our Hearts and Prayers go out to the

Keller Family
Kole Keller was granted his angel wings on April 9, 2007. During this time of sorrow our hearts and prayers go out to the Keller Family at this time

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Doing Good!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Update/Doing Great!

Hello Everyone,
It has been a long time since an update! Sorry! Let's first start off by saying Chase is doing Great! He still is currently going to Cleveland for his treatments and will continue to do so until Christmas. Chase has had a wonderful month of July, he has done very well and is feeling wonderful. Tonight Chase is staying with his Grandma "MiMi" (JANE.) Chase met Owen's Boss, tonight Linda. (Thanks for the Smarties)Chase will be trying to go to some upcoming Sprint Car Races soon. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has made Chase's Day!Thanks for the wonderful e-mails, and the continued support! God Bless!

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***Please keep Chase and his family in your prayers.God Bless You

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Great 4th of July

Hello all,
Not a whole lot to update on. Chase is doing great.
He continues to get his chemo weekly. We all enjoyed a
very nice 4th of July at Aunt Jeanette's. Owen is on
vacation in Memphis, visiting Kole Keller and the
Keller family.
Owen reports that Kole is doing great!
The fundraiser/car wash was a huge success! We would
like to thank everyone who brought their car to be
washed. A special thanks to Discount Drugmart of Clyde
for giving us the water, and a place to do the car

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Great News/Interesting New News

Hello Everyone,
Again, I apologize for not updating as often as we
used to. Chase is doing well. His recent 3 month scans
have all come back negative! Thank Goodness. He will
still continue chemo treatments until January.
Chase has recently returned from a trip to The
Michigan International Speedway. He met alot of Nascar
Drivers, Including Chase's fav Jeff Gordon, and my
favorite Driver, #48 Jimmie Johnson, plus many other
Drivers.Look for photos of Chase and all of the Nascar
Drivers. Chase also went to the Michigan Nascar Race on
Sunday, June 17th with his Dad Jeremy. They both had a
blast.Jessica said she didn't know who enjoyed meeting the
Drivers on Saturday the most, Chase or Jeremy!

I would like to share with you all, an update on all
of the cancer cases here in Clyde. As some of you
know, the kid's cancers in this town are absolutely
alarming.We have had (5) new cases just this year alone.
I wanted to get the townspeople of Clyde together to
talk about this very important issue. I also called
the Sandusky County Health Dept. to ask them if they
would like to come and speak at the meeting.I was told
no, they would not be attending because they haven't
anything to report. The meeting was scheduled for Wed.
June 28th at 7pm at The Clyde High School Auditorium.
I just wanted The Sandusky Co. Health Dept to shed
some light as to what the next step was, and what is
being planned in the future, to find out why, all of
these youngsters are coming down with various forms of
Cancer. The Health Dept. told me they didn't think it
would be adviseable to hold this meeting, as it would
do nothing but cause panic to the folks in Clyde.
(Like it hasen't caused panic already)
I also did put numerous calls in to Robert Indian,
Ohio state Epidemiologist. I was called back from his
Administrative Assistant and told it was very possible
he would speak at our meeting. But nobody called me
back to confirm his attendence.
I also received a phone call from one of the parents
, who's child has cancer, This person told me that
they to, agreed that this may not be a good idea. When
I mentioned to them that it was possible that Mr.
Indian would be attending, This persons exact words
were " If Robert Indian is coming, then we will come
to the meeting, but if he is not, we won't be there."
I thought about all of this negativity, not only from
The Sandusky County Health Department, but from the
parent who called me, who's child also has cancer. So,
I discussed it with Rusty, (My fiancee), and my
Daughter Jessica, (Chase's Mom) and decided to cancel
the meeting at this time. Although, I really think we
should have held it.
Imagine how I felt when my Daughter mentioned that
she had received a letter from the Sandusky County
Health Department. Here is a copy of that letter.


Now, after reading this letter, I was upset by this,
because, (A) They have decided to hold a meeting on
the exact day that our's was to be held, (B)I would
have never cancelled this meeting, had it not been for
the negative comments made by The Sandusky County
Health Department. Also, The Health Dept makes it out
to look look as though, because I cancelled our town
meeting, they thought they had better hold one! But
why is this not open to the public? Why does this
letter state the they don't want the media involved?
In my honest opinion, I think something smells really
fishy here. And this letter is a big part of the
fishing pole.
You be the judge. Read it and email me your comments.
I am very interested in knowing how the public feels
about this issue.
Jane Hemmer

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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Here are 2 collages made by Jennifer Lehmann. Please check out her neat website, her mission is simple:

:: To spread childhood cancer awareness. Not just predominately childhood cancers, but this is also a support system for the kids who are fighting ugly "adult" cancers too!

:: To let the families of those effected by this awful beast know that there are people out there praying for their children. People they don't even know.

Here Website is www.freewebs.com/kidscancercrusade

Thanks for the collages Jennifer.

Take a look at them below!

Want a Closer Look? Just click on them!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Doing Much Better. . .

Hello all,
Chase is doing much better since he was life-flighted
to Cleveland Clinic over Memorial Day weekend.
Have not had a chance to post as of late, because of
a death in the family. Rusty's Mother (Dot Fritz)
passed away on Saturday, her funeral was Wednesday.
Dot was such a special lady, she will be missed so
much by her family and friends. Dot always called to
check in about Chase and ask about him. Chase has
known Grandma Dot all of his life and she was very
special to him.
Chase has just returned from the Cleveland Clinic
last night, he had to stay overnight and get the big
doses of chemo. The nurses and Doctors monitor him,
and make sure he is is eating and drinking fluids
before they will send him home. He did get sick a few
times, but this is usually standard (if you can call
it that.) It is so hard to see someone you love go
through all of this. Chase's Uncle David stayed in
Cleveland with him, they visited the learning center
on Chase's floor, and watched movies. Chase is still
on ant-biotics from the high fever he had over
Memorial Day week-end. He had a very bad bacterial
infection in his "port", he is doing much better with
that now.

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